24/7 Emergency Tree Removals

Our 24/7 tree removal service provides crucial support during storms, accidents and emergencies

Tree Lopping Wollongong


Professional Tree Lopping and Stump Grinding Services

If you have stumps or trees on your property that are a safety hazard, or you would like them removed for aesthetic or building purposes, contact the experts at Lee's Tree Service. Our Shellharbour emergency tree removal specialists service the local and surrounding areas offering a range of stump and tree services that can be tailored to suit your domestic or commercial needs.

Our 24/7 emergency tree removal service is critical when storms or accidents uproot or damage the trees on your property, placing the safety of your home or business at risk. We are experienced working at heights and can remove all varieties of softwood and hardwood trees.

Our stump removal and stump grinding services help to alleviate future problems such as root rot and termite infestations. We carefully grind or remove your stumps, causing as minimal damage to the area around the stump as possible.

Tree Lopping

Our team will promptly scale and lop down trees at commercial and domestic premises. All tree lopping is completed by a fully qualified arborist, and safety is our first priority. We are government approved and insured for public liability. Call us now to organise a tree lopping service.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Don't let stumps ruin the appearance and health of your garden. Call Lee's Tree Service. We have the equipment to reduce stumps below surface level, so the areas where they stood can be covered over with ease. If you are tired of having to mow around the stumps at your property, call our Shellharbour stump grinders today.

Leftover tree stumps can be an unnecessary hazard in your backyard and they can also be a source of unwanted pests like termites. At Lee’s Tree Services we offer a range of stump grinding and removal options to suit your needs. We use the latest equipment to make any unwanted stump light work.

Tree Removal

Removing overgrown, overhanging and dangerous trees is easy with Lee's Tree Service. We will respond to your call ASAP to safely and efficiently fell any problem foliage at your property. After our Wollongong tree removal experts have finished the job, we will ensure all green waste is removed. All kinds of trees can be serviced by our team, and we will make sure that when we provide our services that damage to surrounding vegetation is mitigated.


Whether you have tree branches growing dangerously close to powerlines, or you simply want to create more room for surrounding trees to grow, we are the Shellharbour pruners to call. Using cutting-edge equipment, we will remove problem limbs neatly and evenly. Palm frond removals are also available.

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

Pruning has a range of benefits for trees. It not only helps promote healthy growth, but it also removes excess branches, enhances the natural shape of the tree, and ensure the tree continues to grow safely around your home.


You can rely on our expert team to neaten and shape your trees, hedges and other vegetation to perfection. Whether it's at your home, a school or public pathway, we will make sure the foliage is neat an even. You can also rely on us to clear away the clippings. Call now to request a no-obligation quote.


At Lee's Tree Service, we are able to reduce what we fell into soil-nourishing mulch for your garden. In addition to being an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals, mulch will stave off weed growth and encourage worms to aerate your soil. To organise a Shellharbour mulching service with our team, don't hesitate to contact us.

Storm and emergency 24/7 service

Our team will respond rapidly to emergencies at any hour of the day or night. We have the expertise to work skilfully around power lines, as well as other hazards, to ensure that optimal safety is restored. Our Shellharbour emergency tree removal team will also provide safety trimming and felling at your possible to eliminate potential hazards.

Land Clearing

To ensure that allocated land is ready for construction, we will make sure all vegetation and green waste is removed. All kinds of blocks can be serviced by our seasoned staff, and we promise promptness as well as thoroughness. To organise a Shellharbour land clearing service with our team, drop us a line today.

Sale of Mulch and Firewood

To help you keep your gardens green and vibrant, we sell quality mulch at Lee's Tree Service. If you're looking to keep cosy by the fireplace, or need fuel for your outdoor pizza oven, we can also offer firewood at very competitive rates.


In addition to being potential hazards, dead branches are a breeding ground for pests. To protect the health and appearance of your outdoor areas, our Shellharbour deadwooding professionals will make sure all dead limbs and logs are removed. The arborist on our team will thoroughly assess the health of your trees and instigate the best strategies to remove weakened limbs or trunks.

Hedge Trimming

Whether your hedges are slightly uneven or completely overgrown, you can count on the expert team at Lee's Tree Services to provide the perfect trim. The pole hedgers we have at our disposal allow us to expertly neaten raised hedges rapidly. We always ensure that all green waste is removed once we are done, and we won't be satisfied with the final results until you are. To organise a Shellharbour hedge trimming service, contact us today.
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